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Bridgestone Golf, Leaders in Golf Ball Fitting, Continues to Innovate

COVINGTON, Ga. – Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, today introduced OTTO GEN2, the new, more portable version of their autonomous ball-fitting technology. Designed to provide the simplistic interface and entertainment factor of the original OTTO, OTTO GEN2 provides the most engaging way yet for players to find the right Bridgestone Golf ball for their game.

When it comes to ball fitting, Bridgestone Golf has been the clear leader for nearly two decades, with close to four million fittings completed since 2006. The data from these fittings, all of which was gathered from a combination of live and online sessions (including with the original OTTO), has allowed Bridgestone engineers to tighten up the fitting algorithm in the new OTTO GEN2. The results are not only greater accuracy for a wider range of players but also the inclusion of Bridgestone’s new golf ball models for 2023.

“The original OTTO successfully bridged the gap between entertainment and on course golf,” said Dan Murphy, President and CEO, Bridgestone Golf. “OTTO GEN2 is smaller, and more portable and accessible, so it should be even more appealing to fitters and green grass locations. As the leader in golf ball fitting, we feel a responsibility to make sure players continue to be excited and engaged while also having the ability to choose equipment that best suits their game. OTTO GEN2 does all that and more.”

The new OTTO GEN2, which is powered by Flightscope’s Mevo+ launch monitor technology, is not only more portable and easier to set up, it’s also better designed to get players into the right ball for their game. As the leader in ball fitting, Bridgestone has continued to innovate and company engineers have had twelve months to tighten up the OTTO GEN2 design to make it not only simpler but also more effective.   

“We know from years of working with both professional and recreational players that golf is more fun with equipment that’s properly fitted,” said Adam Rehberg, Senior Manager, Ball Fitting and R&D. “The ball affects every single shot during a round of golf, so playing the optimal model for your game is key. OTTO GEN2 is another clear example of how Bridgestone Golf continues to develop ways to help players find the right fit.”

OTTO GEN2 will be available for trial at the PGA Show Demo and Fitting Day on Tuesday, January 24, and will be available at Bridgestone’s strategic events and golf course partners for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. For more information about OTTO GEN2 Ball Fitting Technology, locations where it can be found, or Bridgestone’s other fitting options including V-FIT, live fittings, or the self-fitting App, please visit