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Bringing Golfer’s Together through eduKaytion

July 21, 2020

While other people were baking bread and binging on Netflix throughout the stay-at-home order, I was taking a series of golf clinics and meeting golfers from all over the country, thanks to Kay McMahon, and her innovative zoom golf clinics.

McMahon, who was recently honored as one of the LPGA’s four “Elite” golf instructors, is in the LPGA Teaching Hall of Fame, and also is recognized as one of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Instructors.  She holds a B.S. degree in Education and designed her teaching method called Golf 8.5 to occur in chunks, position by position and in a slow, repetitive motion.

The golfers in the clinics – called 8.5’ers – met at 8:30 am on Saturdays and were a mixed bag of players, not only in ability but in location. My classmates were from New York, Orlando, Chicago and there were even some hearty souls who woke up in Colorado and Texas to attend the virtual clinics. The handicaps ranged from a 9 to the highest of 39.

The five-week one-hour sessions moved from putting, chipping, pitching to full swing, and included strategies on the course and something I really need to work on – how to focus.

Kay’s easy style of teaching is fun and she is open to answering all types of questions. She would follow up each session with tapes of the webinar, a PDF Slide deck of the presentation, and a video of her demonstration.

She encouraged us all to video our swing and send it through a free app called HUDL Technique for Golf so she could analyze it. The interaction was very personal and suited to each golfer, and she encouraged her students to call, email, or send videos.

Kay’s second, five-week series focuses on strategy and includes a personal Video Swing Analysis each week plus Game analysis on how to lower your scores or index, Course Strategies, Personal Pars, Uneven lies, Rules, Mental Practice and Playwork – homework where you will actually have to report your progress.

McMahon splits her time between Massachusetts and Orlando so one-on-one lessons are available, but if you are not near one of those locations I suggest you go to edukaytiongolf to find out more and sign up to take advantage of these innovative virtual golf lessons from one of the best instructors in the biz.