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Build Skills through Drills

May 3, 2021

This drill has proven to be the one that has the best positive effect on consistency, power, and ball control.

To control the ball, the golfer must control all 3 parts of the club: the face through the grip, the shaft to the plane, and power through speed and solid contact.

The grip matches the club face when the leading edge of the club is facing the back of the lead hand and the palm of the trail hand is pointing in the same direction.

The shaft starts on an inclined plane and the ball is on the bottom edge of the inclined plane. The ball is the golfer’s reference point for keeping the shaft on the same incline plane from address, backswing, and forward swing.

The power comes from a centered over the ball for solid contact, with a pivot for a turning rotary motion that is producing distal power through the arms for speed.

The below drill accomplishes all three:

  1. Once centered over the ball, make slow half swings. 
  2. Take the club with pivot to waist height. Point the butt end of the club at the ball. The shaft and the lead arm will form a letter “L”.
  3. On the forward swing repeat the move to finish waist height reforming a reversed letter “L” and then point the butt end of the club where the ball was or the shots divot. Hold the finish.
  4. Check to see that your head is still centered over the impact zone and that the trail arm and the shaft form the letter “L” with the butt pointing at the divot.

Once the slow swing and mechanics are working, let the desire to swing faster to hit further happen while staying with the half swings while pointing the butt at the ball and then through to the divot.

Here is a video to better understand this accomplish three skills through one drill.

Cathy Schmidt is an LPGA Class A instructor with 31 years of teaching experience. She is a former player on the Futures Tour and 2011 Symetra Tour as well as a past officer of the LPGA and lead instructor for the LPGA programs Behind the Ropes, LPGA USGA Girls Golf, and LPGA Golf 101 for women.  Cathy is the owner/operator of The Golf Boot Camp.