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August 9, 2020

Learn to pronounce his name; learn how to spell his name, because it is just a matter of time that Collin Morikawa will become a household name. The current PGA Champion is going to be around for a long time, and with his engaging personality, it will be fun to get to know him.

Not since Tiger Woods came on the scene have I been more impressed with a young, rising star.
Collin Morikawa is the new Tiger: Long off the tee, great shot maker and putter, and cool under pressure. Doesn’t that sound like a young Woods?
He’s just 23, a major champion and a two-time winner on the PGA Tour. He’s the leaders of a talented, new breed emerging on the PGA Tour.
With the two-stroke victory on Sunday (Aug. 9), Morikawa earned a lifetime exemption into the PGA Championship, a five-year exemption into the Masters, U.S. Open and the Open Championship. And, he just graduated last year from the University of California, Berkeley.
Having watched hours of the PGA Championship this past weekend, here are some other thoughts:
— Woods is kidding himself if he thinks he can show up at a major championship without breaking a sweat and expect to win. Too many of the younger players are competing every week while Woods is sitting out tournaments for one reason or another. Physically, he doesn’t look razor sharp.
— Although he recently turned 50-years-old, Phil Mickelson is not ready for the three-day Champions Tour events. Lefty still hits it long and can compete with the young guns.
— Having the club pros in the PGA Championship is a nice gesture by the PGA, but it really should stage a separate event alongside the PGA Championship where they can win some money.
— Wow! What a tee shot on the 16th hole on Sunday that propelled Morikawa to victory. More than anything he did this past weekend, that reminded me of a young Tiger. The only miscue he made on Sunday was dropping the lid to the Wanamaker Trophy during the post-tournament celebration, but he even bounced back from that with a nice smile.