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Golfers 911 – Emergency Preparedness on the course

March 24, 2020

The last thing a golfer thinks about when stepping on the golf course is being asked to step up and save someone’s life. Would you know how to do CPR correctly or help a person having a seizure? Of course we would reach for our phone and dial 911, but in those precious minutes before the ambulance arrives it’s smart to know what actions to take.

Golfers 911 is a handy 4″x6″, 64-page guide with advice on addressing medical emergencies when you are far away from the clubhouse. It fits easily into a golf bag and having access to it could mean the difference between life and death.

The guide was written by Mason Delafield and edited by Ronald Brown, M.D., a FACOG practicing cardiologist at Carolina Health Span Institute in Charlotte, N.C. Both men are avid senior golfers and know the statistics:

• 71 percent of golfers are over the age of 40.

• The golf course is the fifth most common place for cardiac arrest. About 95 percent of those are fatal because people are unsure of what to do to help the golfer.

The book has easy to navigate chapters with tabbed dividers that cover a variety of emergencies a golfer might encounter including strokes, fainting, choking or bites from insects or snakes.

“Golfers 911 is something of real value to golfers – and these days that’s not easy to find,” said George Pepper, Editor of LINKS magazine and heart attack survivor. “Every one of us should have a copy of this guide in our bag.”

The book retails for $14.95 and can be ordered in bulk to be customized for tournament gifts. Visit Golfers911 to order your copy today.