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Irish Invasion

January 22, 2020

Seed Golf Balls

There’s a new golf ball available in the US, and like Conar McGregor, this Irish golf ball company is coming out swinging.

The start-up company introduced their first golf ball in 2017, and since then has added three more designs all geared toward different players, and were only available overseas until now.

The lineup includes:


A three-piece ball with soft urethane cover for better feel around greens. The SD-01 is also available in Yellow AF. Don’t panic, AF stands for Adularescence Fluorescence, an iridescence originating from the cover surface, that occurs when light is reflected from the outer cover layer, meaning a brighter neon color for better visibility.


A four-piece ball designed for higher swing speeds, and better feel. This is the ball Seed would like to use to KO the giant Titleist and its Pro-V1x series.


The Pro Soft is a three-piece ball that Seed compares to the Chrome golf ball with low compression, higher launch angle and trajectory.


The Country Mile is a two-piece ball for maximum distance and medium soft compression for more feel and high durability. It’s the lowest priced ball in the family.

Seed golf balls are only available online, and the company offers a subscription model where golfers can order only once, or set up a schedule to have the balls delivered monthly, every second month or yearly. The golfer can chose to cancel at any time. Seed uses the online model to cut out extra retail expense and also offers no endorsement money to players, although they are endorsed by the PGA Europro Tour.

The balls are shipped from the factory. The first delivery includes a magazine promoting golf in Ireland and 100 complimentary golf tees, packaged with typical Irish humor in a Tee Bag. All of the packaging is made from recycled materials.

At $25 per dozen, plus $5 shipping, they are worth a try. You can find them at Seed Golf