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Quail Village Golf Club

Bold, Fun and Casual

Affordable luxury isn’t a common attribute of private golf clubs, but Quail Village is the clear exception.

Quail Village Golf Club is a private golf club known for its friendliness and exceptional value since 1985. It’s a rarity among golf clubs – with no initiation fee and annual dues less than $5000 (even less if you are single or under age 63!), Quail Village offers the best value among private clubs in Naples.

There’s a community of friends at Quail Village who believe that golf should be fun and golf clubs more friendly than stuffy. It’s a message that has resonated well outside the local neighborhood, as only 30% of the members own homes in the Quail Village community.

The people at Quail Village are immediately welcoming and laid back. You can always find members enjoying a drink on a nice day at Bogeys Poolside Grill – which is where we found Jim Goehler, a member who has belonged to two other country clubs but found himself at home at Quail Village.

Jim spoke about the community when asked what he loved about Quail Village, saying, “The Members are friendly – it’s not a stuffy country club.” That’s an important point for many of the people who join, who are looking for a golf club experience that is much less formal than the typical country club.

There are a lot of opportunities to make friends and socialize. Quail Village hosts monthly wine tastings, community events, golf groups, and regular clinics.

New members can expect the warmest of welcomes. Member ambassadors help to introduce new members to the club and the many groups that it has.

Charlie and Sheryl Baker are non-resident members who were initially just looking for a place to golf, but when they joined Quail Village they “gained more from the membership than they ever anticipated.”

Charlie and Sheryl knew that Quail Village had a challenging golf course, but they didn’t fully appreciate the social aspect until they became members.

“In addition to the golfing aspect, there’s a tremendous social organization at Quail Village, which we didn’t realize at the time. There’s a new food and beverage manager and the food is fabulous, the outside Bogeys area is a great social gathering place, there’s a bingo night, there’s a game night, they have countless activities and social functions, wine tastings, special food nights – those are things we didn’t plan on participating in. I just wanted it for the golf. We now spend a tremendous amount of time at Quail Village.”

The community at Quail Village has had a lasting impact on both Charlie and Sheryl, who concluded that they had “developed tremendous friendships at Quail Village far exceeding their expectations.”

The uniquely playable golf course at Quail Village sets it apart. The course has a challenging layout that places much more emphasis on ball placement than on long drives. Water comes into play on fourteen of the eighteen holes, challenging players to make intelligent risk/reward decisions as they make their way around the course. As an added feature, players can choose to walk the course after noon.

Most of the new members meet new friends by joining the golf groups and events. Jim Goehler highlighted “the Winter Challenge, where players go out for thirteen weeks and take their best eleven scores. There’s a big celebration at the end of that – so there’s a lot of recognition of feats well done and it ties together the golf and social aspects nicely.”

The community makes a big commitment to getting the members involved, which is why the course has a reputation for being among the most family friendly in Naples. The club has a tremendous teaching program led my Gary Kraft and Chuck Lange who help nervous players become confident golfers.

The First Tee of Naples/Collier also hosts regular clinics at the club to help introduce the game to kids.

In fact, two Quail Village members, Gianna and Pearl (pictured right), recently placed first and second in the First Tee Elementary School Tournament.

There are countless reasons why Quail Village is known for its value and friendliness – make a point to visit today to see for yourself.

If you think that golf should be fun and casual, Quail Village Golf Club is the perfect community to join.

Contact Nancy Dagher at (239) 598-2815 to learn more about all the benefits of membership.


11719 Quail Village Way, Naples, FL

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