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Load & Explode!

March 22, 2021

You must load the power through flexing and drive out the flexed power through extension.

The trail arm and the lead knee must flex, fold or bend through the back swing. The trail arm and lead knee straighten, or extend, to exhaust the loaded power from the back swing, flexing to full extension through the forward swing.

The right arm extension sequence is elbow straightens first, and then the wrist. This sequence stops the golfer from casting the club or trying to steer the ball. The elbow, rather than the wrist, uses the larger power source of the bicep and triceps and is not a weak wrist throw.

The flexed lead knee loads explosive power from the extension by the jumping. The lead leg that is flexing and extending completes the back and forward swing pivot. 


  1. No club is needed for the drill. Once in posture, place the lead arm behind your lead hip.
  2. The lead knee bends towards the ball.
  3. The trail arm folds with the elbow pointing down to the ground and the back of the trail hand points to the top of the forearm.
  4. The lead knee straightens, as well as the trail arm, elbow and wrist.

I’ve placed a video here to see the drill.

Now with both power sources loading and exploding, go play for enjoying and learning your new and longer distances!

Cathy Schmidt is an LPGA Class A instructor with 31 years of teaching experience. She is a former player on the Futures Tour and 2011 Symetra Tour as well as a past officer of the LPGA and lead instructor for the LPGA programs Behind the Ropes, LPGA USGA Girls Golf, and LPGA Golf 101 for women.  Cathy is the owner/operator of The Golf Boot Camp.