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Jan Stephenson, LPGA, recently stopped by the PGA Superstore on University Parkway to talk about golf, wine and rum.
It’s been a whirlwind year for Stephenson, who has garnered a fistful of accolades for her contributions both on and off the course. Fresh off her induction into the prestigious World Golf Hall of Fame in June at men’s U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, she also managed to debut a trio of tropical flavored rums in Las Vegas, Nevada to award-winning reviews.
This is not her first foray into the world of bottling spirits.  She has been producing a variety of wines from her vineyards in the Paso Robles area of Central California for several years.
Her new partnership with Dented Bricks Distillery located in Utah has allowed her to create three flavored rums by fermenting a blend of Turbinado sugar and molasses, which are then distilled in a 500 gallon Copper Pot Still.  Mango, pineapple or passion fruit flavor is then added and blended to 40% ABV and bottled. This process creates a smooth 80 proof rum.
“I wanted to distill the rums there because the water is so pure,” said Stephenson
All three rums won medals released at the 75th Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas, with Mango and Pineapple winning Silver Medals in the premiere spirits competition, and Mango winning second place in the cocktail competition.

 At a time of life when many people are slowing down, resting on their laurels, and savoring a retirement, there is no slowing down this woman. She has achieved what many in the golf world consider the highest honor by being inducted into the World Golf hall of Fame because of her LPGA Tour victories, plus wins on the Ladies European Tour, LPGA of Japan and Asian Tour as well as three LPGA major championships: the 1981 du Maurier Classic (then a major), 1982 Women’s PGA, and 1983 U.S. Women’s Open. She also was the 1974 LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year, and continues to be a driving force behind the Legends Tour where she is in the Hall of Fame and still competes.
Stephenson continues on as a serial entrepreneur and humanitarian. In 2017 she purchased Tarpon Woods, a local Tampa area course through her foundation, Jan Stephenson’s Crossroads where her mission is, “Giving to those that have given so much,” and “Every day is Military Appreciation Day at Tarpon Woods.” She’s also an ambassador for blind and disabled golf through ISPS Handa.
Her travels take her across the globe, but she considers the Tampa Bay area home because it reminds her so much of her native Australia.
When it is finally time to relax, Jan likes to sip her rum neat, or shake up her award winning cocktail for family and friends. Here’s the recipe so you can enjoy it, too:
Jan’s Mango Comber

1.5 oz. Jan Stephenson’s Mango Rum

0.5 oz. lime juice

1.0 oz. Ginger Syrup

2 dashes cardamom bitters

Splash champagne

Instructions: Combine all ingredients into a Boston shaker with ice and shake hard for at least 15 seconds. Fine strain contents into a hollowed out cucumber placed in an appropriate stand such that it stands vertically. Top up with Champagne. Insert a long bend straw and garnish with a lei of Thai orchids.
Garnish: Lei of Thai Orchids
Glassware: 1 whole cucumber, hollowed out in a NEAT Glass
To read more about Jan’s wines and rums visit: www.jswinespirits.com

Here’s some reviews from people who know a whole lot more about rum than me: GotRum.com and DrinkHacker



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