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July 3, 2020

The private Meadows course at The Meadows Country Club is undergoing a $1.2 million renovation under the direction of Pat Franklin. It is scheduled to be completed in November.
In his more than 20 years in leading golf course management teams, Franklin has overseen several renovations, including the $5M renovation of the Westwood Country Club in Vienna, Virginia, working with architect Gene Bates. Pat has also managed the construction of three new courses: The Tournament Club of Iowa, designed by Arnold Palmer Design (a $14M job), TPC of the Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota, and Plum Creek Golf Course in Carmel, Indiana. When he was Golf Course Superintendent at TPC at Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois, he rebuilt and prepared the golf course for the PGCA Tour John Deere Classic, a televised PGA tour event.

He has worked with the biggest and the best, and when the opportunity to rebuild the Meadows Course, he knew just what he wanted to accomplish and who to turn to get the job done the way he wanted it done.

Pat also knew that money was tight, so he focused on getting the most bang for the buck. He hired a construction team that would allow Pat and his team to work alongside them, letting them do parts of the job that they could handle and assuring that all decisions were made with future maintenance efficiencies in mind and created a beautiful playing experience.

“It’s great to work with Dave and his guys. Dave has the vision for how he wants each hole to play, and he describes that vision to the entire team.” Pat says of Dave Johnson, President JGCC Golf N Sports Turf, Inc., the construction company doing the renovation. “He is really like an artist in many ways, but he is a really practical guy in other ways. He and I talk about continued maintenance, where we can reuse existing irrigation and how we can achieve the look, and he feels he wants economically. We make a great team, and I can’t wait for our members to get out on this course. It will be beautiful, and they will enjoy having a ball playing it.”

Pat is also sourcing and staging the materials for the project, ensuring that the correct mix and grasses are on-site when needed, but not before. “We realize that we are doing a major construction project in people’s backyards and storing our materials on the roads that folks need to drive every day,” says Pat. “We are really working hard to keep disruption for residents to a minimum, so we are bringing materials to the site in smaller quantities than we would in new construction and focusing on bringing to the site only what is used in a day. In and out in a day is our motto.”

“I know the process might be painful for some Meadows residents, but the end result will be great for everybody. For golfers, there is no question. Playing this course will be an incredible experience. But there will also be a payoff for homeowners. The course Dave is putting together will be beautiful” adds Pat. “Residents along the course will have something great to look at, and there is no question in my mind that the renovated course will bring new members to our Club and also make our community more attractive to homebuyers. Homeowners need to know that this project will add value to their property.”


We are taking advantage of the existing topography, a series of bunkers were added
along the side of hole #5 to give added interest. The fairway has been sprigged.
Holes #6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are mostly done and are coming along nicely. Roots are about eight inches long on some of the sprigs planted earlier. The final sodding on these holes will be done in the next week or so.
Everything – chemicals, fertilization, and construction – is currently on schedule.