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June 11, 2020

The Meadows Country Club is undergoing a $1.2 million renovation to its private Meadows course, one of three 18-hole courses at the sprawling community.
So golfers should get to know the Dave Johnson, who is in charge of the renovation.
He began working in the turf industry in 1992, and started JGCC Golf N Sports Turf, Inc. in 1999. Dave has excellent planning skills and experience as a golf course superintendent, which helps him create and revitalize golf courses that will deliver an exciting and rewarding experience. Dave has been playing golf for 52 years, and he wants to share his love for every aspect of the game with everyone who plays on one of the courses he has shaped.

Dave doesn’t approach his projects as an engineer or architect would. Instead, according to his son Dave (not a junior) who works with him, he is really much more of an artist. Dave doesn’t do complex drawings of each hole before he comes onsite. Instead, he studies each hole and develops a vision, a feel for how that hole can be made better. His goal is to use what he has to tie various elements on the hole together to create an interesting shape or to take advantage of the terrain or landscape to add interest. His goal is to design a course that rewards players at all levels and designs options for players to fit all ages and skill sets.

The teeing ground is an essential start to every hole; he expands tee boxes to provide maximum flexibility. He designs greens to provide plenty of playable areas that will deliver excitement and challenges. Greens are to accommodate day-to-day play, but also to have greens that can accommodate great tournament pins when needed. Bunkers are used strategically to guide one through the course, and not just to penalize a golfer.

Dave was raised in Moline, Illinois, and graduated from Moline High School. He was a mini-tour player in the Midwest and is a member of the Short Hills Country Club in Moline. His wife Valerie and his son Dave are both involved with the business, which is based in Ormond Beach, FL. Dave also has a daughter who is a dental hygienist in Moline. If you want to get to know him better, invite him out for a Mexican dinner. He loves Mexican food.

Here’s a list of some of the courses Dave has worked on:
• The Disney course at Four Seasons Country Club of Ocala
• Due Process in Colts Neck, NJ
• TPC Deere Run in Silvis, IL
• Mauna Kea in Hawaii
• TPC Louisiana near New Orleans
• Victoria National in southern Indiana
• Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA
• TPC Boston
• TPC Southwinds
• Liberty National

Dave promises us a more exciting golf course with plenty of action on the greens.


• All that rain at the end of the week and over the weekend caused a few minor washouts, but no serious damage. The crew worked on Sunday or make up for the lost day on Saturday.
• Holes 6 – 10 will be done by the end of the week.
• Work on traps and repair to cart paths will be done at the end of the project.
• Greens will be sprigged on Friday and Saturday.
• Working is starting on holes 5 and 11. These greens will retain their existing shape so that work will go more quickly.
• Tree trimming work in underway on 5.
• The erosion blanket has been installed on hole 8.
The renovation is expected to be completed by Nov. 1.