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June 2, 2021

There is a question that has come up more than once in the golf community: how many power sources are there in the golf swing?

Physics states that of all the golf motion, there are four sources of power.

The four power sources are:

  1. The trail arm thrust: the bending and straightening of the trail arm.
  2. Cocking and uncocking the club: setting the wrist angle to get the shaft in a right angle, 90 degrees of the lead arm, and releasing the out of alignment to a straight line of the shaft with the lead arm.
  3. Rotation of the shaft: the face turns back, then rolls through so the club face starts out pointing down the target line and then rotates to pointing at the horizon at the top of the back swing. It is then returned to pointing at the target line through impact interval passing and through to the finish, pointing at the gallery behind you. Drop the golf use of the terms supination and pronating due to one hand is always opposite of the other and learn to think of this sequence: turn, back, and roll through.
  4. The lead arm: it will blast off the chest via the pivot power.

There is a lot of information in the above four power sources, so I’ve included a video explaining all. I’ve titled this article penmanship due to the fact that you cannot think of all 4 power sources in the short span of the golf shot, but a simple thought of the letters L to Y then reverse letter L formed by the arms and club shaft along with the pivot turning back and through produce all four of the power sources.

There are 4 power sources from the body, but the mind is the true #1 power source. A committed believing in knowing “I’ve got this shot” must be there always.

Think good thoughts, feel good feelings, and perfect penmanship are the keys to success for your fun games to continue.

Cathy Schmidt is an LPGA Class A instructor with 31 years of teaching experience. She is a former player on the Futures Tour and 2011 Symetra Tour as well as a past officer of the LPGA and lead instructor for the LPGA programs Behind the Ropes, LPGA USGA Girls Golf, and LPGA Golf 101 for women. She was elected as the LPGA S.E. Section Secretary from 2011-2014. Cathy is the owner/operator of The Golf Boot Camp.