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PerfectMotion® Welcomes Top Golf Fitness Instructor Kevin Duffy to its Platform

BOSTON, MASS. – New England-based fitness coach Kevin Duffy has just joined the PerfectMotion® platform, providing performance feedback to the app’s users and suggesting ways to improve their strength, flexibility and golf-specific motions. 

Duffy was recently recognized by Golf Digest as one of America’s 50 Best Golf-Fitness Trainers and has also presented at the PGA Merchandise Show the past two years. Whether you are a weight-loss client or a golf enthusiast looking to play better, Duffy believes in the long-term lifestyle approach that leads to happier, healthier and successful clients. In addition to coaching golfers. Coach Duffy has also helped countless clients reach their fitness goals, whether it’s injury rehab or fat loss. He has extensive experience.

“To see gains in their on-course performance, golfers should focus most on the mobility required to be able to use their strengths,” says Duffy. “If you have a mobility restriction, not having that mobility will hinder you more than not having strength. Too many golfers spend more time on mobility than the ability to move, so being strong in the correct patterns is much more significant.”

After spending four years working primarily with hockey players, Duffy made the move to golf fitness six years ago. He succeeded at translating traditional strength training into golf performance that carried over to the golf course more so than just in the gym. Soon after he started in golf, Duffy became performance certified with the Titleist Performance Institute. He then took a mentorship in Vancouver — working with PGA Professionals to help expand his coaching — before returning to the Boston area where he currently operates from.

He’s created dozens of videos that will auto-populate when PerfectMotion® app users make their swings. Users will also have the opportunity to work with Duffy one-on-one through the app. “I was attracted to the app because it’s accessible to everyone, and offers golfers the ability to use it in their home without needing access to a top-tier facility,” says Duffy. “The number of people I know who don’t take any type of golf instruction yet spend thousands of dollars on golf is insane. And I love the app’s instant feedback — that’s quite helpful. In today’s society of instant gratification, it’s good to get some good immediate feedback every once in a while.”

Ultimately, the app allows Duffy to reach more golfers — even if you’re not in Boston, you have access to Duffy’s insight. He plans on posting videos to PerfectMotion® as much as needed. “If somebody signs up to work with me and needs videos that are not on there already, I can get a face-to-face video meeting with them right away,” he says.

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