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Power Tee Training Device Now Open at Chi Chi Rodriguez Driving Range

Clearwater, Florida. August 18, 2022– The Chi Chi Rodriguez Driving Range recently added a patented new training device to its North McMullen Booth Rd. location. The Power Tee is a premier automated teeing system that perfectly balances training and fun by ensuring the golf ball is at the perfect height for each practice swing. With 40 adjustable heights, the tee can be raised or lowered with the push of a button. Because the height can be adjusted to the millimeter, users can find the perfect height for the specific club they’re using and lower their future scores. 

By automatically loading the ball, the Power Tee allows golfers of all ages and skill levels to practice their swings with the tempo, alignment, and rhythm that is right for them. It provides a consistent experience that is often missing from practice swings at other driving ranges and helps its users improve their game faster. Not only does the Power Tee work as a training aid to improve a golfer’s swing, but it also brings families and friends together for a night of fun! 

The Power Tee training system is an innovative addition to the Chi Chi Rodriguez Driving Range, which features over 10,000 feet of grass and lighting to practice at night. The range offers golfers a comfortable setting to practice without the investment of time necessary to play a round on a course. With 49 bays and an area protected by shade, the range offers a relaxed environment for golfers of any age to work on their game. 

The Chi Chi Rodriguez Driving Range is open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and the Power Tee is available to anyone who purchases a bucket of balls. This exciting new training tool is already being utilized by local golfers and is providing the Clearwater area with the opportunity to improve swings and have fun— drop by for a visit this summer! 

Come check out the new Power Tees at the Chi Chi Driving Range. Open 8 am to 8 pm every day. #playwithpurpose