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Replane the shaft for a fluid free swing!

February 22, 2021

The correct post impact procedure has the shaft moving from an on-plane impact, and then through a swivel that replanes the shaft. When the shaft is not replaned, the golfer hits low grounders, or high shots that gain no distance. 

For a well struck shot, every golfer has to go through impact to a both arms straight moment approximately three feet post impact. From both arms straight, the left elbow bends in the direction of the ground, then the left wrist folds back in the direction of their watch face. The left biceps will then fold into the chest.

Here is a great drill to do that produces these correct mechanics.


1.) Hold the club in your lead hand only.

2.) Place the trail hand on the left biceps and hold the biceps to the chest.

3.) Swing the club including pivot back and through while maintaining the hold of the lead arm connected to your chest.

You will see and learn the feel of how the left arm moves through impact to a correct replane of the club shaft.

You can watch the video below to see the correct replaning of the club shaft.

Now it is time to take this fluid swing out to enjoy your better shots while replaning the club.

Cathy Schmidt is an LPGA Class A instructor with 31 years of teaching experience. She is a former player on the Futures Tour and 2011 Symetra Tour as well as a past officer of the LPGA and lead instructor for the LPGA programs Behind the Ropes, LPGA USGA Girls Golf, and LPGA Golf 101 for women.  Cathy is the owner/operator of The Golf Boot Camp.