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Set Up Check Points

September 8, 2021

A player’s ability to consistently create a proper set up (and alignment) is the first domino to produce a proper golf shot that starts on the player’s intended line. If these dominos are not in place, it causes unnecessary compensations in an attempt to recover control of the swing.

Here are some key check points for a standard iron shot:

  1. Grip in the fingers w/ left thumb on the grip @ 1 o’clock when looking down (RH player).
  2. Relax arms so elbows hang directly from your shoulders and eliminate tension.
  3. Flare feet open for an easier turn. Left foot is slightly more open than the right.
  4. Equal weight on left & right foot. 60% of weight favored to the front pads of your feet. Implement these changes in your set up to begin hitting more consistent shots on your intended line. After all, golf is one of the most target-oriented sports.