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South Florida PGA Island Chapter to Teach Golf in Public Schools in Puerto Rico

September 10, 2019

The South Florida PGA Island Chapter has allied with the Puerto Rico Department of Education to provide golf lessons and programming in public schools. Led by Island Chapter President and SFPGA Board member Tony Loyola, this initiative was finalized recently and will be implemented this fall in the Puerto Rico Public Schools. 

“Our goal is to reach those kids that do not have the financial resources to purchase equipment, golf lessons or access local golf courses for practicing the sport,” explained Loyola. “The goal is to create a long-lasting relationship with the  teachers in the public school system to include as many schools as possible.”

The South Florida PGA will assist with this program by providing Short Golf equipment and U.S. Kids Golf Clubs. The Island Chapter PGA Professionals will train and provide golf literature to physical education teachers, ensuring all golf education is accurate and consistent.  

In addition to golf programming, the Island Chapter PGA Professionals will run clinics for children to practice outside of school and on an actual golf course. 

Starting this fall, the first phase of this initiative will begin and is set to include two schools from each of the Puerto Rico Department of Education’s seven regions withadditional schools expected to be added January 2020. By implementing golf in schools, the Island Chapter hopes to drive registration for the Drive, Chip and Putt competition and create a regional PGA Junior League team to represent Puerto Rico at the Section level and beyond. 

Golf provides an outlet to learn discipline, patience, focus and many other primary skills away from the classroom, while introducing a sport that can be played throughout a lifetime. 

The South Florida PGA and its Island Chapter have aligning missions to grow the game of golf throughout South Florida and Puerto Rico. By providing golf programming in public schools, the SFPGA and Island Chapter hopes to enhance a child’s educational experience as well as introduce the game of golf to children and teenagers during their developmental years.  

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About the South Florida PGA

The South Florida Section of the PGA of America is an association of golf professionals whose mission is to promote interest, participation, and enjoyment in the game of golf; establish and maintain professional standards or practice, and enhance the well-being of golf professionals.

Approximately 1,830 members and associates are employed at over 475 facilities in the South Florida region, currently ranking the South Florida Section the second- largest Section of PGA Professionals amongst all 41 PGA Sections in the United States.

Back in 1979, the growth and golf population boom in the state of Florida caused what was once known as just the Florida Section to divide geographically into two Sections, now known as the North Florida and the South Florida PGA Sections. Geographically, the South Florida PGA extends as far north as Vero Beach on the east coast, to Punta Gorda on the west coast, south through the Florida Keys, in addition to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The South Florida Section PGA is further divided into four distinct Chapters, including the Southern, Southeast, Southwest and Island Chapters.