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Why didn’t I think of that? Zero Friction’s latest Innovation

When the weather is nice I like to walk when I play golf. I have my lightweight carry/stand bag and my pushcart. When I put them in the back of my SUV there is no room for another set of clubs. Although the pushcart is lightweight, it is bulky and a hassle to fold up and put in and take out of the car.

So imagine running across a video demonstrating the Wheel Pro Push Cart bag, a multi-functional push or pull golf cart bag. That’s a mouthful, but it’s such a simple idea. I had to just shake my head and ask the question:  “What took you so long John Iacono?”

John is the founder and President of Zero Friction and an innovator in the golf industry in one-size-fits-all golf gloves for men and women and performance golf tees.

The Wheel Pro Push Cart bag is basically a stand/carry bag that he adapted with a set of wheels and a handle that can be added to the bag to transform it into a pushcart, or without the wheels, it fits on the back of a golf cart if you prefer to ride.

The Wheel Pro has a single strap, six full-length dividers, and seven zippered pockets.  It includes an umbrella holder and bag headcover and weighs only 10 pounds

The new golf bag is available in three color choices: black/gray, gray/black, navy/white at an MSRP of $349.99

To view the entire line of Zero Friction golf products, visit ZeroFriction.