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Dan Smith has been playing at Bobby Jones Golf Club since 1967, the year I arrived in Sarasota.

A low handicapper, Smith has played more tournaments at Bobby Jones than most people.

That’s why he pushed city officials to renovate the courses years ago. He could not be more excited about the new Bobby Jones.

“I knew it was going to be light years better, but I was stunned,” he saId.

” Right out of the gate, the subtle stuff that changed the look: the mounding, the bunkering, the connecting of fairways and tees. There was something really cool about every hole. It’s a game changer and the practice facility is outstanding.”
Other golfers are just as impressed.

“Richard Mandell’s faithful Ross restoration brings stately city park golf back to Sarasota in the form of a highly playable classic with mellow greens & plenty of eccentric fairway mounding. The #munaissance!” – Tim Gavrich, Senior Writer, NBC Golfpass

“Bobby Jones Golf Club is an ace. The greens are larger and have more nuances and character than I remember. The fairways are wider with more mounding. You get the impression the elevation changes, where truth be told, none exist on the property. Most impressive to me is the practice facilities. Mandell has given Sarasota a spectacular golf course. Bobby Jones Golf Club is absolutely stunning.” – Michael Duranko (Sarasota Golfer and Writer)