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Featured Group – Woman Who Golf

If you want to connect with other women golfers from all around the world “ Women Who Golf” is a great website on Facebook to join.  Tips on golfing, where to buy women’s golf clothes, shoes, clubs, bags – all with personal reviews as well as where the best golf resorts and golf courses in the world are located to play.

It might be that you are just looking to establish camaraderie with other women golfers starting out in this sport as well as seasoned players who give helpful tips to improve your game. It’s a great way to meet other women golfers at a common vacation destination and start a life-long friendship based on the love of golf.  Let’s continue celebrating our passion for golf with each other, be it a hole-in-one or just making new friends by collaborating with like minded women who just love the sport.

Visit their website at or Join them on Facebook